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Under the idea that is to realize quality and improvement without losing sight of basic points, we’ve been expanding facilities and focusing on improving electric skills mainly of an insulating process ,and we have been expanding business to various coupling parts and coils for rotary machines (rotators, stator coils), electromagnetic coils, transformer coils including a variety of insulating. We accumulate technology and know-how steadily, and now we stretch from coil assembly to fabrication of electric motor and generator to meet to our customer’s needs.
From now on we assure that we’ll provide more customers with significant benefit in creative ways through manufacturing. We’ll work forward as a company which can contribute to society. We look forward to your continued support.



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2009.06.24 Equipment guide and pictures of our plant were posted
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 <<Home office location>>
 2-43-9, Ishinazaka-cho, Hitachi,
 Ibaraki Pref.
 Tel: +81-(0)294-28-1181
 Fax: +81-(0)294-28-1182

 <<Business overview>>
 ・electrical coupling parts of
  motor and generator
 ・rotor coil of electric motor
 ・stator coil of electric motor
  and generator
 ・coil assembly and fabrication
  of rotor
 ・coil assembly and fabrication
  of stator
 ・System development
 ・accelerator quadrupolar
  electromagnetic coil
 ・lead wire of electric motor
  for vehicle
 ・motor controlled sensor
  for vehicle
 ・coil connecting wire
  for large generator
 ・stator coil of generator
  connecting ring
 ・water-cooled electromagnetic coil
 ・industrial rubber casting

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