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Our company was founded in 1950 for motor parts machining work, and we have been making efforts to meet costomers’needs with achieving trust and improvements without forgetting the origin as our motto.
Currently, in addition to conductor processing of electric moters and generators, we have established our one-stop production system for Insulation processing, coil production, coil assembly/fablication, which is our strength. Also, with Accumulated technology based on these, we have been working on the development of new products focusing on design and development of generators.
We would appreciate your continuous support while we make efforts as a team to achieve our goals such as customer development,”“prosperous society,”“environment protection”through “monozukuri”(manufacturing).

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Company Name Hotta Electric Co.,Ltd.
President COO:Hidetaka Matsumoto
Foundation April 4,1950
Paid Capital 1 Million yen
Locations 2-43-9, Ishinazakacho, Hitachi-shi, Ibaraki-ken, Japan 319-1225
Bank Reference Joyo Bank Tsukuba Bank Shokochukin Bank
Major Customers Hitachi,Ltd. Hitachi Power Solutions Co.,Ltd. Meidensha Corp. TOYO ELECTRIC MFG. CO.,LTD. MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Corporation. Toshiba infrastructure System & Solutions Corporation
Quality and Environmental Standards ISO9001 KES STEP1


The first stage
establishment of a business 1950
factory address Wakaba-cho, Hitachi, Ibaraki Pref.
founder Manta Hotta
main products ・mainly processed products for direct-current motor
The second stage
charging time 1953-1993
factory address Wakaba-cho, Hitachi, Ibaraki Pref.(1953-1993) / Higashikanesawa-cho, Ibaraki Pref.(1993-1999)
the second president Sekiho Hotta
business performance ・Component manufacturers for induction motor and generator
・electrical coupling
・parts by insulating
・coil manufacturing qualification
The third stage
developing period 1994-2013
factory address factory address: Higashikanesawa-cho, Ibaraki Pref.(1993-2000) / Ishinazaka-cho, Hitachi, Ibaraki Pref.(2000-)
the third president Seiichi Hotta
business performance ・component fabrication of rotary machine
・equipment investment and reinforcement of human resources
・coil manufacturing of induction motor and generator
・wire replacing
・accelerator electromagnetic coil
・voltage transformer coil manufacturing
・rotor in 2,500 kw class ・coil assembly to fabrication of stator
The forth stage
developing period 2014-
factory address Ishinazaka-cho, Hitachi, Ibaraki Pref.
the forth president Hidetaka Matsumoto
business performance In order to respond to a wide range of customer needs, we aim to become a one-stop company from product design to completion, and we strive to further improve customer satisfaction.